4 + 1 Hat Trends of Spring 2020

Hello new decade! We are already a step closer to spring and now it's time to highlight some upcoming trends. What are the headwear must-haves on 2020? Are bucket hats already yesterday's news?

Let’s be smart

Vogue have announced that the spring season 2020 is all about sustainability: we need to be smarter. When it comes to accessorizing, it is about time to focus on timelessness. Designers explore what it means to create clothes in a time where climate change is at the forefront of culture and politics. The accessories that dominated the runways were functional items that can live in our wardrobes for seasons to come.

“Buying, wearing, and repeating what you love is a good way to keep your closet sustainable and yourself in style.” –Vogue

What are the hat trends for 2020?

The SS 2020 hat trends are here to protect us all from the sun. Bucket hats, straw, wide brims and vibrant colors are everything for the season. Feast your eyes on the new hat trends we are loving from the SS 2020 collections so far.

1. Bucket hats aren’t going anywhere

Everyone will be wearing bucket hats next spring it seems. Designers from Anna Sui to Laquan Smith have used them on the runways. Needless to say, buckets are the breakout hats for the SS 2020 headwear trends. The runways turned the ugly “dad-wear” into something totally modern.

The LaQuan Smith collection is designed for the modern woman who loves to have fun.

Fendi in floral print.

2. Straw gaining momentum

Straw and natural materials had a big showing in all accessory categories, so it is only natural that straw hats will be one of the big SS 2020 headwear trends. Dior's SS 2020 ready-to-wear collection is a bulletproof guarantee that bucket hats are here to stay for good – yet slightly different in terms of texture, with straw gaining momentum.

Straw hats at Dior came in dark blue or light beige. They were woven in both tighter and more opaque, as well as looser and more transparent techniques.

There was a ton of glamour on Marc Jacobs' straw sun hats. The extra-colorful and very wide-brimmed straw hats made a joyous tribute to the past and a look to the future.

Under the sun in the garden, finally, a straw hat and a wool picnic blanket are mandatory, if you ask Fendi.

3. From juicy lemon to light beige hues

Block out the sun and do it in style with pastels and vibrant colors. The cute and trendy colors look impressive during any season of the year and are so versatile that you can wear them with almost anything. From a zesty lemon to light beige hues, these vibrant shades are the most timeless options for a fantastic outfit!

Marc Jacobs' collection is all about joyous colors.

Fisherman’s hats in natural hues on the Alberta Ferretti runway. 

4. Hello old-school and vintage vibes

There was also a big showing of spring 2020 hat trends taken from vintage headwear. The SS 2020 hat trends are giving us a lot of options for vintage menswear hats as unisex headwear of the most fashionable sort.

The all time classics – panama hats presented at Dolce & Gabbana.

There were plenty more extra-colorful vintage-inspired hat designs at Marc Jacobs.

The true panama hats presented at Dolce & Gabbana, which came in bright shades like pink and yellow.

Chanel presented both all-black and all-white bowler hats.

( + 5. Actual buckets) 

Sometimes fashion takes things literally... Nina Ricci used plastic for a literal bucket design. Will this be the trend of SS 2020? Oh well...why not.

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