How to dry clean and storage a wool felt hat?

Product care

Whether you have just bought your very first éN Hat or have a closet full of fedoras, it is essential to take care of your hat properly – in that way you can prolong hat life and keep it as fresh as the day you bought it. When it comes to cleaning and storing a wool felt hat, there are a few important things to consider.

Cleaning a wool felt hat

Our hats are handcrafted using only the finest premium wool felt materials. As a natural material, wool is water repellent – therefore gentle brushing is enough. Regular brushing will prolong hat life. Best brush for wool felt hat is made of horsehair bristles. Brush your hat with gently counter-clockwise motions to maintain the material's integrity while removing dirt. 

If your hat is looking a little dusty, dust the hat with a damp cloth, but not too wet. For fuzz or pet hair wipe the hat gently with a piece of sticky tape or a lint roller.

Hat storage

When you are not wearing your éN Hat, the best way to storage it is to keep the hat in a cool, clean and dry location. To prevent the hat from getting dusty, store your hat in its own box. You can purchase the box separately. Otherwise store the hat in a breathable bag made from natural materials, for example cotton.

Need more information?

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