Fedora Curvy

How a hat makes you feel is what a hat is all about. A classic fedora hat for women and men is known for being cool and a timeless accessory item. What makes fedora special is that it is an easy traveling friend – just fold it and put it in your bag.
Sustainably handcrafted Fedora Curvy is a 100% wool felt hat with a soft curved brim and indented crown.
Easy to take care of
Your éN Hat is like a best friend – you want to take care of it and enjoy its company as long as possible. Brush it with gently counter-clockwise motions. Best brush for wool felt hat is made of horsehair bristles. You can also dust it with a damp cloth.
Let it breathe
When your Fedora Curvy hat is not in action store it in a cool, clean and dry location, for example in its own box or breathable bag. Find more tips about dry cleaning and storing a wool felt hat here.

Wondering how to choose and measure a hat size?
It's easy. Soft wool felt hat sizes are relaxed and therefore they fit well with different head shapes and sizes. If you are wondering how to determine a hat size, you can find quick and easy instructions here.

Headsize (cm) Headsize (inc) éN hat size
55 21.65 S
56 22.04 S
57 22.45 M
58 22.83 M
59 23.23 L
60 23.62 L
61 24.02 XL
62 24.41 XL

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