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éN Hats awarded Key Flag symbol

The Key Flag symbol is associated with a positive image of quality, reliability, safety, responsibility and employment. 

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Spice up your season style by shopping the latest hat looks from Frederico Cabrera's campaign photoshoot.

“First of all, the hat”: Federico Cabrera on the vision behind éN Hats campaign photos

Federico Cabrera, the photographer of our latest campaign photos, thinks a hat is one of the most defining fashion items. Who is this mastermind behind the camera? Read...

Learn How to Store Hats the Right Way

Whether you’ve bought your very first éN Hat or have a wardrobe full of bucket hats, storing is an essential factor to keep your felt hat as fresh as...

éN Hats at Helsinki Design Week

Helsinki Design Week 2019 is now over - it is time to look back and see the highlights of the succesful week. 'Helsinki Design Week presents the new...

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4 Ways to Clean a Felt Hat

During autumn, your favorite hat collects dirt, debris, stains and water marks. Your hat will need to be cleaned based on its unique construction to make sure that it...

Finland Taking Over Fashion?

Nowadays international fashion houses and fashion experts seem to be attracted to the peculiarities of Finnish designers' collections and even to a certain kind of strangeness.

5 + 1 Ways to Wear a Wool Felt Hat

How to wear hats? If you ask us, Instagram is truly the key place to get inspired and pick the best for everyday outfits. We have collected a...

It's Time to Talk About Sustainability

It's time for Fashion Revolution Week and to make the ethical issues in the fashion industry even more visible. The clothing industry is the second-largest industrial polluter in the world...